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How Twitter has become a monolith of censorship #ShadowBanned

I mainly use 2 social media platforms, as these 2 until now seemed useful enough. One of them is YouTube, on which you can easily follow your preferred content creators and you can get a lot of news from both political spectrums. And the other is Twitter which seemed very good for micro public debates and discourse on many topics, but lately, I now consider it to be one monolith censorship.

From November 2017 I started to use Twitter my account was old is now 10 years old but I didn’t use it much for various reasons mainly because 140 characters were insufficient for my needs. View full article

Jeremy Corbyn Worst thing that happened to Britain [ Satire ]

About some days ago I wrote a sarcastic comment on a youtube clip that was biased from my point of view, and I didn’t do that just cause I think it was biased, cause as I previously imply, objectivity is troublesome to achieve, especially when considering the present polarized society.

The main reason that angered me, wasn’t the bias, it was the way that the clip was made, with many scenes taken out of context, and almost no argument to back a smearing narrative.

So I enabled my sarcastic mode and wrote a pretty darn subjective satiric comment, moreover due to its length, I thought why not make an article out of it, here it is:

I am sure that Corbyn wants to annihilate all those super genius rich people that care so much about this world, and I know that from the enormous public outcry, let’s all hope that they don’t extenuate to death from all the whining.

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Hey US, are you asking who to vote in november?

Down to no choice

There isn’t actually a choice, let’s face it. None of the candidates is worth a vote, but nevertheless casting a vote is said to be the spirit of democracy. Evidently, for me, democracy is a thing that had a possibility of existence in ancient Greek. What we today call democracy is an outdated way of pretending that people truly have the authority to shape their society. When the de facto perception of some people of wealth is that common people are worms in comparison with anything they can lay eyes on.

Look if that sounds like conspirational BS to you, let me tell you that sometimes we are taught by scholars that power comes from 6 sources these 6 sources are:

  • 1 Physical Force
  • 2 Money
  • 3 State and laws
  • 4 Social standards
  • 5 Ideas and technology
  • 6 Masses of people

And my question is this: Don’t you think that one source from this list stands out? View full article