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How Twitter has become a monolith of censorship #ShadowBanned

I mainly use 2 social media platforms, as these 2 until now seemed useful enough. One of them is YouTube, on which you can easily follow your preferred content creators and you can get a lot of news from both political spectrums. And the other is Twitter which seemed very good for micro public debates and discourse on many topics, but lately, I now consider it to be one monolith censorship.

From November 2017 I started to use Twitter my account was old is now 10 years old but I didn’t use it much for various reasons mainly because 140 characters were insufficient for my needs. View full article

Google results very slow display – Maybe a WebKit Bug

A few days back I had started noticing that results displayed in google were delivered awful slow. I thought maybe my main router doesn’t work as it should, I checked and saw that current resources consumption levels and the average on last days resource consumption were below 1%, I had the latest pFsense firmware update and no noticeable problem in the logs. In fact, it was unusual as more than one device(with different OS-es) was affected by the problem, so I did a bit of research and found out a Reddit discussion about a possible bug in WebKit Engine. The discussion was pretty old, at least about a year ago from January 2017, but since I used a browser that was based on a WebKit engine, I said it wouldn’t hurt to try. View full article

Google Mail New Unexpected Behavior

An acquittance of mine ask me if I could send in his place an email that could not be hard/impossible to trace, so I said don’t be paranoid even a toddler can do that. Yeah most of us think that secret services can do almost anything, but newsflash there is a TON of info that is hard to spy or was never spied globally. Just think about all that junk that exists as “info” today, if you think about it, every couple of years or so the quantity of information on the internet is multiplied by a factor of at least 8-10. I alone for my single human existence needs, I am using a couple of TB of traffic every month( in fact my last 3 days stats are Bytes In 401.40 GiB, Bytes Out 112.29 GiB), and as the web becomes more media-savvy tomorrow it will become more steam savvy, and as more people use the internet very actively and for many “smart” uses big flows will flow hence the big buzzword. View full article