So, I searched for such a function and, I did find some things on O-Stack, but I rewrote what I found because it didn’t actually work, I tested this function and it works pretty well, I think it has room for improvement as usual but I thought to share it anyway.

So here it is:

bool QtClAct::shred(const QString & fileName, uint RepeatWrite, bool DeleteFileLink) {

  if(RepeatWrite < 1) RepeatWrite = 1;
  QSaveFile file(fileName);
  QFileInfo fi(file.fileName());

  for(int i=0; i < RepeatWrite; i++){ qint64 fileSize = fi.size(); if (! )) return false; QByteArray block(65536, '\0'); while (fileSize > 0) {
    if (fileSize < block.size()) block.truncate(fileSize);
    qint64 written = file.write(block);
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