A few days back I had started noticing that results displayed in google were delivered awful slow. I thought maybe my main router doesn't work as it should, I checked and saw that current resources consumption levels and the average on last days resource consumption were below 1%, I had the latest pFsense firmware update and no noticeable problem in the logs. In fact, it was unusual as more than one device(with different OS-es) was affected by the problem, so I did a bit of research and found out a Reddit discussion about a possible bug in WebKit Engine. The discussion was pretty old, at least about a year ago from January 2017, but since I used a browser that was based on a WebKit engine, I said it wouldn't hurt to try. And Bam! No more delay in showing the results, now this possible bug may happen only in some kind of distinct cases, although Vivaldi, UcBrowser, and Chrome were affected, of course, all are WebKit-based browsers, and today most of them are. So if you encounter this problem try to switch to a different browser that isn't based on Webkit and observe if this is the cause.