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Immortal Redneck Game Review

This game is a fast-paced first-person shooter, that will require you to have a pretty durable mouse as you will find that you need a huge amount of fast clicks in order to play this game. I played it for about two days and took me an approximated time of about 7-8 hours total(both days) in order to complete it. It is incredible but after this time I had a muscle soreness for my index finger(mostly) and a little bit for my middle finger of the firing hand. And I said that is incredible as I didn... View full article

Silence The Game

I am always in a savvy search for good adventure/puzzle type games, a few days ago I tried a game called Silence. Nowadays I am not in the thirties and I've got a few years to get there but having this mentioned, I think this game for many might seem that is a game intended for kids, after finishing this game I can say a certain, uncertain thing: It might! Why might it? Cause most of the action is happening in a fairy tale land, with many things that seem appropriate for children. (except maybe ... View full article