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I found this lengthy gem of an article ( https://motherduck.com/blog/big-data-is-dead/ ) about big data being dead written by JORDAN TIGANI. And I enjoyed every byte of it, especially because it reveals so much about HYPE vs reality, specifically about big data, and more concretely about Big Query.

My opinion is that now the big data hype has decreased considerably which is a great outcome but at its inception, like many other skeptics for me was a move to convince more institutions w...

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Made a SvelteKit blog that runs on Deno Serverless

Just converted and deployed this blog on Netlify. So I've been exploring svelte, and svelteKit, and I was looking to refresh my old blog that is in a neglected state. When I started this blog was 2007, and then it was of course, a WordPress blog, but I deleted most of the old articles partly because a lot of them were in my native language and also because I didn't feel like they should still be accessible like I said I can admit content was always low frequency and low effort.

So this blog has ...

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How to convert a MyISAM WordPress database easily

If you have an old WordPress database is possible that the engine for the MySQL/Maria tables to be MyISAM, and I don't know if you heard but the MySQL will drop MyISAM in the future. So we know that we can use the SQL query:

[code lang="SQL"] ALTER TABLE table_name ENGINE=InnoDB; [/code] 
So we just need the name of our tables and then do a search and replace(I used notepad++).
so we can get all the names if we use optimize tables from PHPMyAdmin, so do a select all optimize from PHPMyAdmin and ...
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