If you ever had a repo and didn't want to set it completely open, then you didn't have many choices. For example, Gitlab at least lets you have a public repo with private code, but this isn't a thing for Github.

So I thought of a simple system where you have a bot that watches specific repos, and if a user stars one of those repos, then the bot will automatically invite that user to the private repo associated with the starred repo by a map.

You can take a look if you want on GitHub. The code for the bot has two flavors right now, in Node and Rust.

Node: https://github.com/flashsoft-eu/node-webhook-github-app-star-invite
Rust: https://github.com/flashsoft-eu/rs-webhook-github-app-star-invite

Mainly, I did the Rust version to see how many resources I could save since the node version could consume up to 300-400MB of RAM.

Additionally, with Rust, I had no high-level library for interacting with Github like Octokit or Probot, so I had to implement a basic level of interaction with Github API.

Also, the code works a bit with private Github API since the feature of commenting on global organization discussions is not possible with the official API(that part is mostly for logging successful invites, not 100% essential)

I plan to use the app with some Repos. I will probably use the Rust version to preserve resources that's if the hosting service works well.

The funny thing is that I needed a lot of deps for this tiny Rust project around 13 deps, which have a lot of other sub-deps. So depending on where you want to host you might hit issues. I have a could rust provider that I want to try to see how this will fare that's probably another reason I made the repo.


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