If you have an Aspire E1-510 and it freezes in Linux you can try a couple of things to solve this issue. First, if this notebook freezes and then the CPU fan starts to rotate faster than before is a sign that this freeze is an actual hardware freeze.(also if Linux doesn't respond to magic keys combination that is clearly a hardware freeze) In this model, the CPU fan is "smart" meaning that is meant to not be always on. So it will be on up to the point in which grub takes control than in Linux will be always off and I didn't try hard to find a way of switching it on.This netbook is very weak in terms of computing power but u probably know that already. I have an old i5 laptop that has benchmark scores 3 times higher. Anyway using a fresh install of a modern distro Linux( ubuntu 16.04 LTS or something) if it doesn't contain Gnome3 or KDE it will probably not freeze. If you want to freeze it fast try a game on directX trough wine that will kill it fast.

Cut down to the story. How do I solve it?

So if you looking for a solution I should say the freezing is due to the server X driver. So you should go on this page (https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2016q3-intel-graphics-stack-release) and install intel drivers for your chip. I saw that only the latest drivers(released on 22 September 2016) solved the freezing issue. If that doesn't do it you can opt for Lxde desktop wich will probably consume way less and it will not freeze.