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Github Copilot hyped IntelliSense or revolutionary pair programming

Somewhat of a month back I applied for GitHub copilot access, out of curiosity and I am using it since I got access around 11 June 2021. To apply for access you basically submit an application form, and after it's reviewed you get an invite to a private GitHub repo, once you have access to that repo you can use copilot by using the VS extension and authenticate with the Github account that has access to that repo, be sure to change fast the issues watching level because it's set to all and that...

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Puppeteer tricks to write a bot/scrapper

I wrote a bot recently that does some actions after it authenticates with an account using puppeteer and it was incredibly easy.
In case you don't know what puppeteer does, well, it is simply a Node library to control Chromium or Chrome programmatically, now such a library can have many uses but I'll focus on what you need to know when writing a scrapper/bot.

The first thing to know is what kind of website you are dealing with, it is a traditional website or is more like a SPA type of website? A...

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RDP through VPN without split-tunnel PfSense

If you have a PFsense gateway you can already set the gateway as a VPN client, but what if you don't want that, and instead you want to set the VPN connection on a machine/machines behind a PFSense gateway, but you don't want to set split tunnel on that machine and also you want to be able to have some services that are ported forward through the gateway and they must be accessible outside of the LAN even if that machine is connected to VPN.

One simple solution is to rewrite...

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Why I bought 3 year VPN Subscription @CyberGhost_E

Looking at the recent statistics we can surely see that VPN has a low but steady increase, in some countries usage is above 20% and I think the future of VPNs is rather unpredictable. Now what I like about VPNs is that they mess with the AD system of every major Tech company when you use a clean browsing session(no cookies/ no-cache/ no previous browser data in general), so you go on youtube or google and see an AD designed for a Czech citizen and that is pretty awesome. As I don't like how ADs ... View full article