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Set up a quick local web developer station through HTTPS only

From that start, I should be more precise, since otherwise, the title length will make most of the people be confused. So in fact, the story is like this, you usually have a bunch of VPSs or Linux machines but you like to have also a web server on your local machine that happens to run windows. And for that even though when you deploy a web app you might use another type of server, we all know that currently if you use a Windows-based machine you better go with apache. Only that in some recent ...

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Personal GitLab on a home bare metal through Reverse proxy

If you don't want all your repositories on GitHub or other project hosting platforms, you can choose Gitlab. I guess you already know what GitLab is. It is very similar to the Gitlab platform and the best thing is that hosting is on your server, you can have private/internal/public repositories. You have some kind of open source security software that you can be used for nefarious uses, you want to make the source public but some big companies consider that this kind of code is not "open source...

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