Grasping Ads value:

There is so many news about ads lately, mostly they involve some kind of change to large company ads system that is very important for that company as they are making billions of dollars with such system and practically this gives them the main flow of cash. You can call me stupid, but for me, the whole ads world is a bit confusing. It is hard to grasp why someone would pay so much for so little, yeah I know that the human brain is very prone to influence especially when the content served is designed te be manipulative, I read that in books like Brain bugs, Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect,Confessions of a Sociopath and one of my latest: Mindless: Why Smarter Machines are Making Dumber Humans to name a few(ironically I am not advertising), but I hope that humans can immunize themselves to ads, I think ads cannot bee "optimized" as Google and Facebook try to tell us.

Do people care so much about ads?

When did you last click willingly an ad? maybe we have something in common. For example, you don't remember when you last clicked an ad cause is likely to have happened some many years ago. Heck, I had some discussions, where some concluded including me that, clicking an add willingly never happened in the last decade. In the last few years, despising ads and website full of ads become more and more popular. But for now, it should not be a cause for concern for most large corporations. Although we had a fiasco with the "non-blockable" ads from Facebook, where I think the whole thing just brought attention to the matter of blocking ads.And bringing attention is not what you want after all most user that don't have an advertising blocker are those that don't know much about this things. From what I heard Facebook is the least affected in this matter having just under 20 million of people who actively want to block such ads. Despite that facebook tried hard to optimize the ads for its users and for the ad blockers. Unfortunately for Youtube, the percent of users who try to block their ads is expressed in two digits and again from what I read it may be even 40+/100.You got, to be honest, if that is true, it is rather depressing for Youtube but I think that subject is a bit too long to get into here.

And where is the artificially sustained thingy?

Ok I know that a content maker without good marketing won't make money, however, it seems marketing standards were hijacked by Google and other large companies that own advertising systems, in the sense that these companies had and still have the power to change the landscape of marketing from recommendations to indispensability. Don't get me wrong but I think a lot of currency is just funneled into such large companies through sheer force of influence, that is sustained probably even by political forces. Now it is slightly clear that the main channel for marketing is the internet, you can argue with me but I presume over 85% of ads money are spent on internet advertising. I think the main issue is that big ads system owners don't want to reveal the full efficiency of nowadays internet advertising. They don't want to make a system in wich users can simply choose "I don't want to see any ads". So why enforced ads are paid?Probably for the simple reason that large companies have the opportunity to make a good income on unwanted advertise. The people that go as far as trying to get rid annoying by custom network configuration and by installing ad blockers don't want to buy anything that is promoted in sponsored content box.