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WordPress 4.7.0 4.7.2 _e() function, languages and broken translations

Some time ago I read about a critical vulnerability present in WordPress 4.7.0 and 4.7.1(it was seriously severe, it primarily let attackers change data in your DB using restful API), and I had a website that I did back in 2015, the problem is that I did the theme using _e function(mostly on the front page) for translations as it was a multilingual website. Anyway, I updated from 4.7.2 to 4.7.3 and <<BAM>> all translations were broken. It was a bit curious though why this u... View full article

wp-downloadmanager bug fix 1.68.1

So if you want a WordPress plugin for managing downloads and to be capable of working with external URLs you can choose this plugin(wp-downloadmanager). Unfortunately on the WordPress plugin directory, there aren't so many plugins that have in their design external URLs, of course, external URLs aren't what you would want most of the time but there are some cases where such URLs are preferred and this was my case too. After installing this plugin I detected that it had a bug exactly when working... View full article

How to convert a MyISAM WordPress database easily

If you have an old WordPress database is possible that the engine for the MySQL/Maria tables to be MyISAM, and I don't know if you heard but the MySQL will drop MyISAM in the future. So we know that we can use the SQL query:

[code lang="SQL"] ALTER TABLE table_name ENGINE=InnoDB; [/code] 
So we just need the name of our tables and then do a search and replace(I used notepad++).
so we can get all the names if we use optimize tables from PHPMyAdmin, so do a select all optimize from PHPMyAdmin and ...
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